History of DALTA’s Member of the Year Award

Each Year DALTA’s Board of Directors awards one person with the honorary title of Member of the Year. This tradition was started in 1999 by Terri Bailey, DALTA’s President at the time. The award was implemented to recognize the organization’s leaders who went above and beyond what was expected of them in their board position.  The intent of the award implementation was not for it to become an annual award, but each year since, DALTA’s Board of Directors has found at least one deserving recipient. This is now an annual tradition for our association.

The winner of DALTA’s Member of the Year is consequently nominated for the NALTA Member of the Year award. Recipients of the national title have often contributed heavily to their local chapter, the NALTA certification program, and place of employment. They are often deemed to have high professionalism and outstanding character.

We have compiled a list of the past award recipients:

Year  Award Recipient  Year  Award Recipient 
 1999 John Bacon  2012 Judy Baratta
 2000 Temple Klipple  2013 Sally Holt
 2001 No award recipient  2014 Lynette Johnson
 2002 Jeannett Feigt  2015 Erica Honeycutt 

Judy Baratta

 2016 Debbie Wilpolt
 2004 Joan Lucero  2017 Jessica Mulverhill
 2005 Linda Grothues  2018 Kelsey Peoples 
 2006  Elaine Naranjo  2019 Sarah Botkins
 2007  Cindy Sandell  2020 Kimbra Jerman
 2008  Lesley Hall  2021 Erica Honeycutt
 2009  Carrie Respass  2022 Kimbra Jerman
 2010  Risa Loudermilk  2023 Jessica Mulverhill
 2011  Lynette Johnson  2024 Carol Ann Hartnagle

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